Friday, October 2, 2009

Upcoming Bazaars!

Have you ever bought something online, anticipate for it to arrive on your doorstep and when you open the package, it actually disappoints you because it is not like what you've expected it to be?
Sometimes, due to the camera lighting or monitor resolution, the colour you see online and the actual product may deviate. And sometimes, it is very hard for you to imagine how it will look like when you actually wears it. But this is not an excuse to give up online shopping altogether!

This is no secret, but you can avoid disappointment by putting a little more effort in identifying certain issues you're concerned with. If the picture provided is a catalouge picture, then you SHOULD ask the blogshop owner for a real picture. One with flash and another without flash so you could roughly grasp what the colour will be like. And do not forget to ask for the exact measurement and material.

Another excellent idea to solve all your uncertainties is to visit them during bazaars. This way, you get to see for yourself how the material is like and whether it looks good on you.

But beware, you may be spoilt for choice and ended up buying more and more!! *hehe*

Anyway, we have two bazaars happening this week on the 3rd & 4th October which is the Joujou & Shugi Toy Art Mart at Ground Floor e@Curve (Formerly known as Cineleisure) and Chic Pop:Street Market at Zouk, KL respectively.

First up, we have the Chic Pop: Street Market

Organized by Tongue in Chic, the Chic Pop:Street Market is the first ever bazaar held at Zouk, KL. They have an array of vendors participating in the bazaar including popular boutiques at Bangsar.

If you happen to be nearby between 11am to 6 pm, remember to drop by as a number of trinketers will be there too!

Among those are itsy beadsy. Perhaps you could get some of these from their stall and try it on.

RM19, RM35


Or you can also drop by at Sze Accessories's stall right at the entrance on your left. They will be selling some exclusive handmade art pendant only at Chic Pop and they come in limited pieces only.

Price starts from RM39.00


Next, we have the Joujou & Shugi Toy Art Mart at e@Curve!

The Joujou & Shugi Toy Art Mart founded by Vivian Toh is The 'real' place for collectors to hang out and tell tales. So if you happpen to be around PJ from 11am to 9pm, or if you're catching a movie there and have some time to spare, remember to drop by and check them out!

Molecule will be one of the trinketers telling tales at e@Curve this week. So, head over to satisfy your shopping addiction offline!

RM25, RM16


The Aura will also be launching a whole new series of collection of charms, pewter, gold and vintage at the bazaar. Be sure to check them out as they only have 1 piece per design. You can head over to their blog for more info on their new collection.

*** If any other trinketers who will be participating in any of the two bazaars, please leave a comment below!

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