Saturday, November 28, 2009

Important Note!

Hi peeps, my name is Emily, a good friend of Audrey. As you can see, this review site has been abandoned for quite some time and the reason being is that Audrey have been going through one of the hardest days of her life and she is no longer able to continue with this site due to personal reasons. As such, I will be continuing this site on her behalf from now on and I will try my best to stay in line with Audrey's vision and try to update this site whenever I am able to.

And lastly, I have updated the blog roll and linked all new blogshops. If you can't find your link in the blogroll, it may be because you have not stated a category or your blogshop does not sell any accessories. However, if I have missed out any of your link, kindly email me again with your:-

Shop Name:
Shop Url:
Category: Handmade Accessories/Imported Accessories(Choose only one)

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