Saturday, November 28, 2009

Your Shopping List!

pochi.Ochi, RM15
Here's another round of updates from pochi.Ochi with wonderful Taylor Swift flower headbands. If you heart this, better head on to their site now as it is selling fast and there's only one last piece left for most of the colours.


1015th street, RM28
If you think that this is just another bracelet, think again! This is real gorgeous with my favourite glass beads and gold chain. Very elegant and classy. Definitely five star from me and it's only for RM28! So, what are you waiting for?


Your Secret Store, RM30
Here's a secret passage to Your Secret Store with an amazing bracelet in black made of cat eyes, twisted hearts and loops and wiring. If black is not your cup of tea, then how about the white fresh water pearls with polymer clay flowers? I'm sure either one of them will somehow catch your heart. :)


itsy beadsy, RM18
This is indeed a really pretty gift. Be it Xmas or any other occasions, I'm sure the recipient will love it to bits. It's so functional yet stylish. Perfect for people like me who needs to run sack my bag every time I'm looking for my keys. Hee-hee. And if you're vain like me, then you should get yourself a pocket mirror so you can check your make up or hair whenever you want and wherever you are! And while doing it, make a statement on the streets and with this pocket mirror, I'm sure it can turn some heads on you.


* Jewelry Designer: Harjot * said...

i love the white bracelet everythnig is so nice :)

ReeBz said...

I wanna know the price of RM 30, can you please convert it into Pakistani currency?

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